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I’m good. I like building with wood and metals.


Okay, I guess it’s just me that really hates splinters.
Anyways, got to go.


Anyways look at the edit in the summer 2017 post I made and you’ll see who I’m annoyed at




@Therealblah I need help. Someone is trying to make me loose regular and flagged a bunch of my posts. They aren’t even new rude.


Are you sure they’re specifically trying to make you lose regular?


They’re being rude. My posts were constructive critics. Others were being constructive too and he didn’t flag them.


Why is everyone getting angry with each other these days? :woman_shrugging:


No idea… I think I’d better use this forum as a place to talk to you and people who inspire me. I thought I could post just one little bit of criticism. :confused:


Yeah, I usually like to stay out of arguments, unless it’s really bad then I will lounge the topic and/or tell everyone to calm down. Such arguments don’t tend to be coding-related, either.


I don’t know why I step in… thanks, I guess I’ll follow your advice. Back in 2016 it was much easier to deal with arguments.


Hello, I’m gonna hang until post 1000


Your prettty close my dudes


Uhh that would be hard. This topic moves like a snail :joy:


I think it’s good to try to resolve arguments, but sometimes when you didn’t start it, it’s probably best to leave it alone and let other people take care of it.


Oh man, I see the xse situation got in here too
That’s unfortunado


I wonder if I will lose my regular?


I hope not!
I think it’s like 5 flags or something within 100 days

Btw, I’ve seen a bunch of seawolfwerehorse’s and someone else posts (a flower pfp the name is escaping me) were flagged a whole bunch. Idk what happened, they were regular posts, too :thinking: But that was a few years ago idk


I have gotten 6 flags (all were absolutely pointless and unfair) lately.


Seawolfwerehouse was banned from the forum, I believe. And Intellection74’s post are hidden because a thing BuildASnowman did a while ago


Oh man, that’s too bad :frowning:

It might be 7 or 10 I forget, it’s on discourse somewhere for the requirements of each trust level