BlastFusion Coding Topic


Also can you explain this?

I seriously don’t get how the flame war started.


I can. It started with people doing exactly what I thought they would do.


True. People are so predictable and easy to manipulate on here.


So…? I’m still confused.


I made a topic about how to survive the forum. Naturally, they didn’t like the part about popularity.


I’ll have a look at what you said before being judgemental.


I think it’s all fine. I don’t know about people on this forum anymore :pensive:


Yeah. That’s why I made the topic in the first place, to know what they’ll do.


Fair enough.


Yeah, I would say it’s decent, and you’re also correct, I have no idea how the flame war broke out but I just thought that the topic in general was kind of unnecessary.


Yeah same hier.


Anyways, today I found out how to drive a steam engine in Train Simulator 2018, not that I’ll probably ever need to do that XD.


Apparently Lego games on the iPad are fun


I dunno, I don’t have any. Anyways, I finally finished the Mercedes Benz Acros that I showed you before. What’s your biggest lego set?


Nice. Can I see a pic?



Woah that’s really cool !

@HopscotchRemixer, @NindroidGames see we can Judge like this


The crane part with all the pipes was so complicated I cannot even express it. Anyways what’s your biggest Lego set?


I through mine out years ago sorry.


Oh. Well, you could always buy new ones, if you want.