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I tried clicking on the hnu profile and nothing appeared so I guess they were completely banned or something


I’m pretty sure it does too. I heard someone saying that.


@TheRealBlah there were like 10 new users this weekend. Suspicious isn’t it?


Well, now it’s almost certain, isn’t it?


Extremely suspicious.


JS was made to be used in webpages but u can use node for backend servers like discourse (although i think it uses php) and other apis like Reddit


Hey isn’t redit a website? And secondly hopscotch must be coded in both swift and JS. If that’s so they should probably remove the swift code and replace it with JS so that it can run on android.


That’s not so simple or easy to do.


reddit is oa website, but the part storing the posts etc. is node

no, hopscotch is swift and php i think??

i dont think android or ios can natively run JS, and removing swift deletes the whole app

the only part in js or php afaik is the server for the posts.


They were recoding the app in early 2016 I think. They said that they were recoding it to improve the web.


If the entire app was coded in JS it would probably run as well the current player does.


But they tried improving web for android too. Swift wouldn’t work in that case.


You cant run js natively on ios, and I dont think android suppprts it either.

Migrating from swift to electron-style apps isn’t easy, and you cant have the same app for both ios and android anyway, there would be different bugs in diff. places.

Also,app stores cost money. The subscription is already the bare minimum price, enough to maintain HS. We can’t add another service on top, although i think it might judt be initial fee and/or cheaper than apple


I meant that the current player in the app is the web player (using a web view of some kind to display it), so if they made a web app, you could make an iOS app that basically shows the site. It won’t run as good as the native version for sure.


how does it work offline?? is the webplayer downloaded? idk

Only issue is making projects

they could essentially clone the old iphone app (searching and playing, maybe liking) on a website with little to no difficulty


There may be an older Swift version used while playing drafts offline.


maybe. or maybe the webpage is downloaded idk




Oh! You changed your profile picture!


Is it good?