BlastFusion Coding Topic


Yeah I agree. Now I shall attempt to make a bad joke.
Isn’t hopscotch block coding?
Ha ha ha ha ha!

did I just make myself look bad?


I don’t get it?..


Ok. You know, because legos are technically lego blocks?.
Anyways, LGBOT. I couldn’t find scotch tape’s topic.
Edit, I did but I couldn’t find anything unusual.




Oh I get it. I’m just going to flag it and hope it gets taken down.


I flagged it did you? Shouldn’t it be removed now. 2 flags is enough.


Yeah, but I’m a member. I’ll go on my backup.


Oh it’s gone now.


Oh well. I can’t be bothered going back to my old account now.
Anyways couldn’t blight ligfds be Cash/Friendship?
(Purposely spelt it wrong so the person wouldn’t find out)


Hey maybe. But Ella13 did like a few of my posts today…


That is certainly strange. Why would she come back after such a long time?


But your right, the poor spelling, slang and poor grammar fit together extremely well.


It’s one of the two.


Certainly, or it’s just another new forumer that read alot about the forum before they made an account, and we can’t rule out the possibility of an xse alt, because even though I (think I) have good grammar and spelling, aye cane stil talke liek thise, evenn ef its harde.


She’s made other accounts and posts talking about accounts on hold before. Pretty sure it is her, based on that and the grammar used.


Heeeyo, howdy doo everyone

Just got regular :smile: I can do stuff now


Thanks so much! I used to have it, and now I got it again, oh yeah :smile:

I used to have it twice before, now I’m only Member


Js I made to run at the web I think so I think that works best in the web


There is account called @Dontputmeonholdpls. She is Ella, and you should see that the bright light account said hi.


So whatever happened to xse/hnu are they still here or are they gone for good?


I think they left.