Blast It! It was a trap!



This is a legit question. Why are people mad at me? I mean I kinda know why but why hate on my mistakes. If you need info look at Hito’s Apology topic. Blamed by 3at least people that Hito was leaving because of me. I made some small mistakes and people view things wrong. Why must everyone be mad at me. Please if you are mad at me just stop and think. This is good advice to anyone to stop and think. But really I might leave if I just get shunned because of mistakes and auto correct.



I don't know.
Am I angry at you?


I don't think so. Are you?


No. Why would I be?


I apologize for what I did, but I still don't really like that you called me out.


And I didn't do it on purpose purpose I guess. I just wanted everyone who blamed me to see my reply. cough cough sorry cough cough




...Am I mad at you? I have to admit your first answer was a little vague, but you later gave reasonable explanations. So yah.


I don't think so. Oh ands sry I was just a little rushed.


Uh mini what is your first name




Sorry but can you ask this somewhere else or not at all. I don't really want this topic to be closed


It's not gonna be closed because of one post


Because uh you sound like somebody


Yeah she sounds like mini


Because people don't seem to understand that it was a mistake duh


titanic music starts to play










Edit: but there was no mistake in the flagged one. I just said maybe we shouldn't ask for names cause that's personal information which is against the rules


It says "it" and then "old" "you"
Wonder what that means


I told you. But I think you know that. Lel

@treefrogstudios seriously why wouldn't I be annoyed at least a little bit by you. You called me out. Tagged me too! And said all my mistakes that I made in one tiny little hs project. Yep all of them or were there more? Can you tell me? I really would like to know why everyone is torturing me with all this! So could you please explain more? I am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings. Am I hurting your's? I know Hito is fine. And she is like the only person who has forgiven me (well and one more but meh). I make mistakes you make mistakes everyone makes mistakes. I'm just learning more humanity every single day so do explain what you mean!


I'm not "mad at you." I'm just sort of upset that I asked a simple question and was talked to the way I was. :///

I could really have done without the aggression and being called out for wondering something. Nobody's "hating on you." If anything, you're hurting other's feelings more.