Blank/Floating Keyboard in Editor

1 sentence description of the problem: there are 2 problems, the whole palette (i call it palette lol) appears in the middle of the screen instead of at the bottom, and where the palette disappears entirely. usually they only last for around 5 seconds, but it makes it harder to code

Steps to reproduce the problem every time:
(Start in a blank draft if possible)

  1. they just kind of happen. its pretty random

I expected this to happen: normal pieces of ready-made code for me to use

But instead this happened: a giant piece of utter uselessness

(Include project link if relevant)

Device details: um. ipad pro 11-12, I think. the one with the keyboard and apple pencil holder thingy

(You can go to :gear: > “About”, and take a screenshot


Yeah, this has been happening a lot. I’m genuinely surprised no one else reported this, lol.

Btw, you can find your device name under Settings (the app) > General > About, or the device model ID under :gear: > About (for me, it says iPad13,8 (which is an iPad Pro 12.9" 5-gen. It’ll say a different model ID for you. I can help identify your model with this info).

Some proper steps for this would be:

  1. Enter a project or draft
  2. Go into an object
  3. Go out of that object
  4. Go back into the object

In most cases, the blocks keyboard will just correct its position relatively quickly, but in rare cases, the blocks keyboard will remain stuck or completely blank (usually happens after adding a variable block or certain control flow blocks) for a longer and undesirable period.

This will happen more often for very large projects.


I happens to me too, but you already made a topic about it and since I read you should SBYP and all that I thought I shouldn’t report it, lol.
(I really need to learn when or when not to post.)

It’s very annoying though, and it slows down coding.

Although I’ve found that exiting the draft then going back in usually fixes it.


Ive never had this lol


Yeah sometimes I have this happen and it also when I click inside a for example “when game starts block” it gives me where I picked that and I have to tap it multiple times for the actual blocks to show up


Ah yes, the infamous floating tab ,3(


Yha this happens to me too.


I would know :melting_face:


Gosh, I meant wouldn’t


Why does this happen to literally everyone on here, including me?