BlackWing Hideout On The Moon!


I’m Blackcat or @Blackcat
I live on the Moon with Glowcumber.
I have a BkackWing resort. A BlackWing is a Blackcat with wings. A new speices of Cat. Come chat!


Yo are u new?

Or have you just been inactive?


Hello! Is this like your general topic?

Also, I haven´t seen you around and you joined The Hopscotch Forum pretty recently, so hello and welcome to the forum! Reply to me or tag me if you ever need any help!




I’ve just been inactive
But Hi!:smiley_cat:


Thanks! And yes this is my general topic!


Hi to you to! Nice to meet you!


Hi! Nice to meet you! :smile:


Hallo, hallo, hallo, what do we have here?


It’s a great time for a General Topic, I like it!


Thanks! If you wanna chat I’m always open?


A GlowWing?
I d’nno?


Do any of you like them?


I think I should introduce myself!
I am Blackcat (or @Blackcat)
I live on the Moon with my BlackWing hideout. Of course I live with Glowcumber!
I enjoy Netball. (Moon style), reading, writing. And I love all of my BlackWings.
P.S- check out my friend @Got_This_Glow.


It was the only prize in my younger sisters’ Easter Raffle, and SHE WON IT!!


I’m hungr6 now lol


Now she’s obsessed with bunnies!




I know! I reckin’ she’ll be eating it all today!


I’m gonna be doing a
Ask, Or Dare A BlackWing!
I will draw the BlackWing you ask/dare doing your dare. Here are you options~
TinyWing- small, but brave
ScaredyWing- scared of everything
BraveWing- bravest BlackWing
HungryWing- ALWAYS HUNGRY!!!
MeanWing- a ‘bit well… mean?
HappyWing-a friendly, happy BlackWing!
There you go!