Blackseal’s general topic



i’ll be able to get the last house extension soon, nice


I added your name to the title so people don’t get confused


hm… ok.


the hopscotch community gets worse every week wth


On the app or on the forum cause i dont expect anything from the app


the app
i’m not talking about the “bring coding back!!” thing
but there’s new drama every few days and it’s getting boring


ah ok.

Im not in the know about app drama


oh my post is pending

trending is gone, so all the “like if u want me to stay” projects won’t get that much attention anymore


ah ok.

I kinda stopped bothering


i always end up checking the app anyways



my best friend keeps calling me her “wife” i’m


“like if you want me to stay, play if you don’t :((“
“ok i got a lot of likes but i’m going to leave anyways :(( it’s your fault, [username] :(((“


i can’t force myself to do anything, cool


today i had to talk with people older than me hshsgsg


that’s my biggest fear, but it wasn’t that bad this time!!!


one of them was a girl who likes drawing and anime, her art style is so cute hsgsgsg




i’m probably overreacting, but i haven’t felt this happy in the last few weeks and i just



my hands are always cold


Why hello there