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sorry H?


Lol okay ty

I just don’t want you getting stalked or smth bc of that :PPP

So how are you?


ehhh i don’t know
i’m just tired 90% of the time

i actually tried coding something i hs recently and it didn’t turn out well ,


Oof yeah I get that :// not fun

NaHh I bet it was amazing. Ur a great coder and artist.


wow, i didn’t know about this


hh i wasted an hour and then just lost interest in the project

hs used to be really fun, but now i’m too unmotivated to do anything


Lol yeah dude that’s such a mood.
Same here.

My only motivations come from people that requested pixel arts or smth and sadly that’s not many


i was never smart enough to code more advanced things and now i’m too lazy to learn


No u are very smart, your code is very advanced and good and it’s okay if you don’t wanna learn more


hhsgsh no
maybe a break from hs and the forum would help me


Hhsgsh yes
Eh, maybe, maybe not. Whatever u decide ig


the problem is that i can’t leave for more than a day, this place is addicting in some way


Oof yeah.

There’s a thing in settings where you can put time limits on stuff.
You can put a 1 min time limit on hs or smth and maybe an hour for each of your browsers? Idk. Or you could block this cite for a week isk


oh, i started using the screetime thing last week




have you ever felt bad
but not bad enough to talk about it with anyone


grammar,? i’ve never heard about it, sorry


I let out some feelings in counseling and cried a lot


i think that crying is the fastest way to feel better

my school counselor yells a lot and i don’t trust her at all


hm i should try being more positive