Blackseal’s general topic



survival time


i have to share my mc account with my brother and he changed the skin to ouma i’m


Turn on cheats so you can flip flop between the two


two (2) girls complimented me today i’m


ok but?? maybe i got everything wrong and they were actually making fun of me?? n


hhgsg i’m really tired and i have to write an essay

i like this song


hhh i finished my essay
writing this stuff on a computer must be way easier


but unfortunately i have to write everything by hand


Hey, what’s up?




hi! i’m pretty tired , ,
what about you?


I’m good, not too bad actually


Ooh coolio cwab!!

But you might wanna delete the pic, it has a lot of personal info and then ppl could contact u outside the forum…


actually it’s all made up!!


janina okoń isn’t a real person lol


Lol yeah ik cuz it’s a fanfic

But it had your whole name so


Oh lol ok nvm mind then sorry


and i don’t really care if they’d contact me , ,


ah it’s ok
caring about the rules is important