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pobre pepe, que descanse pronto manhana en el cielo.


Oh no! Rip sweet old puppy :sparkling_heart:


The most popular pyramid schemes usually include essential oils and involves recruiting people


oh, so you’ve been reading the old posts


I just wanted to look back at all the old pastel girls and wanted to inform more on pyramid schemes


oh it’s ok
i think that old posts can be entertaining



I just like pastel girls


why did sienkiewicz have to mention jesus in almost every sentence?? like, ok, , you don’t like the roman mythology, we get it


can vinicius just die?? he’s really annoying


leave ligia alone , she doesn’t like you


i lost my voice , nice


ok guys… only 280 pages left :)


set books are the worst h

reading was one of my favorite things to do and they ruined it


the only good books i had to read were the little prince and balladyna


i think i’ll rate the other books


2nd grade:

karolcia- one of my favorites books ever, 9/10
i didn’t like the ending, why didn’t she just wish for another magic bead??

3rd grade:

o psie, który jeździł koleją (about a dog who traveled by train??)- the ending… hhh i almost cried
lampo was a very good boy 8/10

4th grade:

akademia pana kleksa (mr. blot’s academy??)- it wasn’t that bad tbh, 7/10

pinokio (pinocchio)- hm… i didn’t enjoy reading it that much, 5/10

5th grade:

chłopcy z placu broni (the paul street boys)- it was a decent book, but nemecsek deserved better, 7/10

przygody tomka sawyera (the adventures of tom sawyer)- i liked it, 6/10??

6th grade:

ania z zielonego wzgórza (anne of green gables)- i liked the first book so much that i read everything from the avonlea series, 9/10
gilbert was useless

the hobbit- boring. the descriptions of nature were way too long. 3/10

w pustyni i w puszczy (in desert and wilderness)- another great book by sienkiewicz!!! it was just as boring as the hobbit. 2/10

ten obcy- it’d be a 5/10 without zenek, but unfortunately

7th grade:

balladyna- it was pretty interesting for something written in the 1834, 7/10

zemsta (the revenge)- overrated. 5/10

8th grade:

latarnik (the lighthouse keeper)- sienkiewicz again!!! thankfully it’s just a short novel. 4/10

syzyfowe prace (labors of sisyphus)- hhh… boring, 5/10

pan tadeusz- NO. 1/10

quo vadis this far- 2/10. sienkiewicz.


so i found another sketchbook from 2016


it was such a nice moleskine sketchbook, i’m glad there are still some clean pages left




this sketchbook is so cursed h