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i have no idea but they’re cool


:pleading_face: what is this emoji supposed to mean


:kimono: hehe kimono emoji


:woman_red_haired: :woman_white_haired: :woman_bald: wow thanks apple


Gas mask girl


she’s so cool wow


hhh i hate sienkiewicz


my dog is going to die tomorrow!!


Aww, Im sure your dog lived a wonderful life. May he Rest In Peace :heart:


yeah he’s older than me so i guess it’s natural


I had a dog, and He was older then me to. My parents got him before i was born.


Nuuuuuu, I’m so sorry…
I’m sure you gave him a great long life though,


That sounds bad. I hopes he rests in peace


Blue girl


ah and i’m sorry <3 loosing a pet can be real hard, i’m glad he loved a long fully life


Awwww ;-; rip well I hope he had a great long life and rests in peace
I feel you so yknow


how do you know hes gonna die tomorrow? or is that like a way of saying he could die any second from now?


the veterinarian will put him down tomorrow.
he’s too sick to eat or move and my parents don’t want him to suffer.


what´s the name of the dog?


pepe, he’s a black labrador