Blackseal’s general topic



Hit or miss
Too late already did it
I bet ur just jealous bc now I’m famous
Jk lol but I’m sure you already knew that
I’m putting way too much effort into making these


hey i can’t even rhyme


lol guess what
im not alone on that
for me tho it kinda just appear
see tho at least i didnt even consider tik tok
my time is much more than just a tick from a clock


Hit or miss
Tik tok you won’t be missed
And while ur going u can take fortnite with ya
To be honest, I don’t rlly mind fortnite lol
I’m just trying rlly hard to make it rhyme


That one barely fit the tune I’m rlly pushing it now sorry

unrelated image

sleepovers are fun but overrated


open the drawing topic, cowards

haha pastel girl updat e


@ChickenGirl @ilovechickens amazing profile pictures


Thanks :sparkling_heart::sunglasses:



I did it


Yay! Welcome to the gang!


thanks I’m honored to be part of it


wow! a gang! this sounds fun


It is! We all change our pfp to a version of Him (sony sketch drawing of the winter soldier i did 2 years ago) and whenever we see a post that incites this emotion:

We all post a picture of Him in response! Its great and promotes unity


amazing! can i join you?


Absolutely! Here is the picture

i have the original, cg has a more zoomed in version, kayro has it flipped horizontally, and our newest addition itzmya has it with a nice smile. Do what you will, welcome to the Gang


done, thanks for letting me join :)


Why did they include gas masks