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caring about someone is so exhausting wth


hsgshshh… i just want… to sleep


i don’t know what this is ok


so i guess i just don’t exist, huh


you may not exist but you will never be forgotten


wow, this made my day, thank you


why do people hate valentine’s day?? it’s just a holiday, you don’t have to celebrate it


hshgsh i have to write a speech…


one of my favorite bands is performing really near my town tonight H


I read this in the hit or miss tune hhhh

If that was the joke then sorry I’m


well lol but the syllable count aint not matching at all lol.


If you get rid of the “so” it can still fit the tune if u force it a bit which my brain unfortunately did


youd also have to take away the just as well lol.

it works but u have to have been soo used to hit or miss or something lol, or maybe its just bc it ends in huh.


And starts with I guess lol


i guess thats pretty true, huh

theres is a notion, i bet it doesnt come randomly


like for example this whole poem string thing
for skirts dabs and like thinking


Hit or miss
I barely understood this
It made me laugh tho
Because it was so senseless
I can’t finish this I’m actually really struggling
Skrrt and hit ththe dab like wiz khalifa


lol and yes
the point was gotten clearly
its interesting
putting this syllable count in order
me too lol this thing is hard to finish
imma skirt and dab as my final wish.


Hit or miss
I’m quite enjoying this
I think I’ll get tik Tok
Just so I could make this
I think that it could definitely go viral
I would also enjoy dressing up as an anime girl


yea but lol
y’know tik toks on fall
with its not so good reputation
it tends to be so cringy
but if ya wanna do it i cant stop ya
its just a bit of a worrying thought to have lol.


don’t worry i read it like that too