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i mean spelling wise, i never have a single clue which ones have to be spelled with double consonant.

pronouncing them is easy for me even tho i have a light spanish accent according to forumers who’ve heard my voice lol.


oh, i don’t think i could write them right either

i’m 99% sure i have a pretty strong accent, but nobody’s ever told me what they think about it


bc you are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too shy for everything lol.


i mean, i facetime one of the forumers sometimes, but we don’t talk about accents too much

but you’re right lol


in other news.

i’ve been extremely procrastinaty about doing art oof.

wanna wb or something?


oh sure
but i won’t be able to stay for too long


how would a polish person pronounce the word “whiteboard”

a spanish one would say something like “wueetehboahrd” lol

have this wb then.


vheeteboahrd ??


h sorry i had to leave for a while


Aww cute!

I have somewhat of a british accent but i dont wanna reveal my irl identity to forumers


Lol the stuff i made looks so bad.


mine looks worse, don’t worry.


What a funny joke, but nah urs is better.


the only thing i kind of liked was that robot

ok i should stop complaining,


i like this robot kid, i think i’ll make them an oc


i just finished preparing a gift for my friend
it’s a little plant, some chocolate and a stupid drawing


hm i hope she likes it


ok she likes it

i got some sweets, a card, a cool notebook and glitter from her?? shsghs


my friend: dude :flushed: i wish :tipping_hand_woman:‍♀ there were :heavy_check_mark: any gay :rainbow_flag: people :child: in our school :school: but i’m like :flushed: the only one :pensive: