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sometimes i just wish i wasn’t a coward


Yeah same but like…it really feels like most of the girl students here are like that one fish in shark tale you know her if you watched it
This one


i haven’t watched it but i think i know what you mean


We all know someone who looks like lola from shark tale




honestly i just want to run my own farm


My hobby is trying to steal oscars money as well


my ultimate goal is to buy a house on a mountain with my wife and have a garden and just chill with some animals and plants


Everyones like wanting to own a farm while i just wanna be like a city girl cause ive seen enough dirt and mud to last a lifetime and my fair share of chickens as well


Im not a farm girl myself but ive seen a lotta chickens


i just want a little house in the middle of nowhere so i won’t have to talk with other people


i already live in the middle of nowhere but… i have neighbors


actually no, I want this



no internet, no warm water, no electricity, the perfect house




theres a river right outside who needs running water


ok but imagine living in a nice forest…


because the one i live in definitely isn’t nice


i’ll probably end up living in the same town anyways

this probably got boring but

she’s so fun to d ra w. . . … .