Blackseal’s general topic


Why do alt right videos keep slipping into my reccomendations shoo! Shoo!


i started getting a lot of wacom intuos videos all of sudden
i never watched anything similar to this but i bought that tablet recently


Hm thats worrying


I havent touched a greasy gaming channel in ages why is pewdeepee in my reccomended shoo!


ok but asmr videos??) really???


the only asmr i listened to is funky kong asmr and period finds out you’re lesbian


well i’ve watched both




This advert made me lose all my emotions


this was fun


Ok could u pls stop being talented at every thing pls


Howwwww you’re so good at that


oh wow it’s february




i’m really bad at naming characters


my friend started singing girl in red’s songs and it was Really Cool


hmmm gay?




her girls song makes me want to grab a gal and drive through the midwest and ive never wanted to drive through the midwest of America before


sometimes im hit with a wave of Girl Lovin and i wanna grab a girl and love her until i remember what country im living in