Blackseal’s general topic


he wouldn’t fit into the piranha tank


Sorry there was a mistake i type these urls by hand


zły dubbing mamy!!
im crying th anks


w-what are they talking about the description says the animators forgot what country they’re animating for


Make him fit




Sorry for messing up your yt feed


so the red one is talking in slovenian and yellow m&m says that he doesn’t understand him, then the red one yells “that’s the wrong dubbing!”


oh don’t worry i searched it up myself


Oh ok.

M&m ads are…hm i think the red one is bi


The reason the green m&m is…like that is based on an urban legend


i had to go outside and talk to someone today eow




Youtube: would you like to watch “why are sjw characters mary sues?”

Me, who has only been watching m&m ad compilations and the occasional french dkc cartoon song:


Idk why this gif cracks me up


youtube keeps recommending me that video so i’m not going to watch it


s…sharp teeth


what have you been watching because im trying not to ever touch alt right videos again


The ultimate yeet


music videos and some stupid dr stuff that was in my recommendations for the last few months