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god i wish that were me


i appreciate the fact that some people just… read my useless posts


it’s 00:12, time to SLEEP


i wanted to say “tomorrow will be a better day”, but then i remembered that the annoying anime fan who had a crush on me will visit my brother that day





i don’t like kaito, he is stupid and has a goatee


This mans hair intimidated me he looks like he steals pennies from the cash register at arbies when the employees aren’t looking


i’m cryi n g this is too accurate


what is this


This is what you see after you diè


i opened the previous pages of my sketchbook and i’m a bit scared

why did i draw chester the cheetah with a gun


hmmm let’s check my sketchbook from 2016




A danganronpa execution


Danganronpa execution


i also made a me vs. other girls thing Kill me Please


I made my fingers into anime archetypes once including a tsundere middle finger


the motive video


is this what it mentally feels like to go through a danganronpa execution with your favourite character