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I don’t speak french shut it

I’m assuming there’s was a forum problem. I noticed him 3 hours after he joined, and assumed he had had to fix something.


i spent 5 hours in the mountains and i’m tired
cross-country skiing is fun

i have to memorize this rip

O Lithuania, my country , thou
Art like good health ; I never knew till now
How precious, till I lost thee. Now I see
Thy beauty whole, because I yearn for thee.

O Holy Maid, who Czestochowa shrine
Dost guard and on the Pointed Gateway shine
And watchest Nowogrodek’s pinnacle !
As Thou didst heal me by a miracle
(For when my weeping mother sought Thy power,
I raised my dying eyes, and in that hour
My strength returned, and to Thy shrine I trod
For life restored to offer thanks to God),
So by a miracle Thou’ll bring us home.
Meanwhile, bear off my yearning soul to roam
Those little wooded hills, those fields beside
The azure Niemen, spreading green and wide,
The vari-painted cornfields like a quilt,
The silver of the rye, the wheatfields’ gilt ;
Where amber trefoil, buck-wheat white as snow,
And clover with her maiden blushes grow,
And all is girdled with a grassy band
Of green, whereon the silent pear trees stand.

why did someone translate it wh


oh cool it got out of the filter




hopscotch is amazing


i hate drawing her h


she reminds me of all the things i did wrong


Wow you’re so good you’re an art g0d



the first few panels of a draft vs the rest of it


oh hi @dmf


oh hi cwab
how’s life


have you ever seen this thingy in shops?
it’s tasty btw


yeah, i saw it before
polish food in russia? wow


pretty tiring tbh


hey guys it’s



thanks i’m even hungrier now