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there’s more re than it, biology and geography


Wow, that is a little bit too much


biology is fine because the teacher is nice
but history… h


pan tadeusz isn’t epic


i hate mickiewicz


The biology teacher loves/hates me
She gave me a 3 in my copybook, but she gave me a 10 in the final grade (the copybook was supposed to be like 20% of the grade)
Plus, she added in the commentaries “your daughter is very disciplined and her grades are the best, (bla bla)” and she forgot about the 3 in the copybook


We’ve got extreme math and basic language arts here
Everything else is either simple or not taught
Including home education which is pretty important

And I am allergic to math


I am in 9th grade and I am doing maths from 10th grade (or that is what my teacher says)


i got a 1 on a history test and the teacher didn’t allow me to change it because “it won’t affect my final grade anyways”

i’m too tired to translate anything nice


Btw, has anyone seen the new leader @simon.cossar?




who’s that


Huh? He is Discourse staff, he is just going to stay here without reading stuff
Like the other Discourse staff hidden here too


Why do they come on this forum anyways?


IDK either
Maybe just to spy because this forum is part of Discourse


my post got pending i guess mickiewicz really isn’t forum-appropriate


let’s see if it gets out of the filter


I am going to sleep, I can’t be awake anymore
Good night


i should do that too but i want to finish my homework first