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rises from the dead
School is killing me
goes back to dead



Je suis mort, merci beaucoup pour ton chat/chatte
I am turning French

okay I can’t find a cat meme for that XD



Literally, I am studying French now
”Je suis un baguette”
(Luna go to sleep now)


I am a baguette?


same tbh


Yeah, basically
Typical joke phrase for French class


virtual high five
This is worse than the 1st trimester


the teachers keep scaring us with high school but i don’t think it’ll get worse than this


the education reform was made in a hurry


Specially my spanish literature teacher


and because the conservative party won, the three most important things are history, religion and tradition


r.e. is a real subject and the priest is treated like a normal teacher, sometimes he earns more than others

please don’t pay attention to my grammar it’s midnight and i can’t think


Here, the opposite, scientific stuff (which I prefer)
But the people are like “Nope, I don’t need maths” since everyone wants to be the old-school way of old, old stuff
And they bother the teacher in class


i think i’m allergic to history lessons


Same here, it’s a miracle and tons of chocolate the reason I am still awake
I am writing with one hand


ok but we have two hours of re each week and one it lesson


And I am allergic to Biology lessons
I understand you