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hey guys have you ever cried because of the forum


i don’t talk about the things i like most of the time because i’m afraid of being judged


I talk about the upside down show and I would like to hear about what you like


I’m a native speaker and I think you’re very good at English


Yeah I agree with Griz cwabby.
We like hearing about what you like.
People on here usually don’t judge much, I don’t think.

And btw, dude, your grammar is like 100000x better than mine

– fearless


A day before I noticed you changed your pfp I looked that show up
Apparently it’s free on YouTube now
That show was my childhood
I was sad when I realized they were only going to make 10 episodes… I watched them many times over


i bought some new gel pens


Gel pens are awesomeeeeeeee
Those look glittery!


yeah they’re metallic gelly rolls
i love them


Oh wow gelly rolls are great pens



what is this and why did i create it


When you get harassed by a giant head but you really dont care


An amazing drawing


she got used to it


that’s what i do instead of listening to the physics teacher


i think i’ll start posting my doodles from school here






i spent 20 minutes doing nothing how is that possible