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we have 4 grades in elementar y school, 5 grades in middle school and 2 grades in high school. 11 grades


i need some friends who don’t mention how much they want to die every ten minutes


I need some friends who arent those 15 year old ‘memers’ that regurgitate the same stale memes over and over



Year Of Cod 🐟 —tankt2016’s second GT Kittenz for life/ Tankt rocks/ Tankt papers/ Tankt scissors!. Tankt is the best -JACG, CoM and Apricity /Tankt is many cools-Fuwa/Tankts pretty cool-Tv/Tankt is like the nicest person here-FP/GO TANKT-UnicornRainbow -H

i was talking about the people i know in real life.




there’s no need to apologize

i’m just tired of worrying about them all the time


makes @DMF appear


i just lost many points in a nonstop debate because i couldn’t figure out how to activate the lie mode, ,


my dad wanted to see the game he bought me, luckily he didn’t see more than the first scrum debate


but… angie’s outfit


playing v3 by myself made me like every character a bit more

except for kaito


he’s really annoying and deserved something way worse, you can’t change my mind


hey @Gobli09 i don’t know why you’re reading all of this but thanks


i completed the comic, now it’s time for the best part


the execution


Who’s dead now


it’s still rantaro

i didn’t finish chapter one yet, but i know the entire plot already
it’s fun anyways


Rest in peace piano girl