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i don’t want to spend 2 hours on eating and talking with my classmates h


everyone in my class is so stereotypically polish that it hurts


i havent been to school cause ive been sick


oh, i hope you feel better soon


Thanks im feeling better than when i first got sick


i dont know what it means to be stereotypically polish please elaborate


it means they
-are really intolerant
-think knowledge is useless
-started smoking etc way too early


I will delete you.

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 100% complete


thanks i always wanted to be deleted


Because you are lying.


sure, let’s say that i lie a lot


just show me one example of that


Same here, and I don’t think I live next to Poland


I am living the last 30 minutes of this inferno
EDIT: Going already home, yay


Same here
By kicking people

Same here x2

Mostly because everyone looks at me like “really, she is spending time with… her??” and I am like “Yes”

Okay, that’s another thing


how many grades are there? and what is the best mark you can get in Poland?


When are you going to stop insulting people? :)


thanks to the new education reform, there are 8 grades in elementary school and 4 in high school

you can get anything from 1 to 6, 6 is the best possible grade. it’s like an A+ but even better
getting a 1 as your final grade means that you have to stay in the same class one more year


wait, that was an insult? i thought it was just smurfy acting like usual.


in Russia the best mark is 5