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she sure looks holly and jolly


Time to get holly and jolly


i really like the new hair colors


Yeah the border colours really contrast and its cute


sometimes i wish i knew english well enough to say what i’m actually thinking


especially when i want to make someone feel better


most of the time i just wait for someone else to help them




What’s wrong?


nothing i just cried for half an hour


i have this annoying friend who i hate most of the time because she begs for attention, but at the same time i want to help her and i care about her opinion way too much




i really don’t know what to do


i feel bad when spending time with her but i also feel bad without her


this doesn’t even make sense


wow even google didn’t help me this time


Post pending again :\


in 6th grade i almost got a 4 (B?) in mathematics for the first semester, so i had to do extra maths homework for the next two years


luckily i don’t have to do that anymore


i have a class christmas eve tomorrow and i’m sure it’s going to be awful