BlackDawn 's Q and A



Ok this is the only one I will do so here is your only chance. Ok I will go ahead and answer 1 of the 2 super personal questions I wil answer. Any other ones that are generally asked like your grade or age I will answer.

I my name is Emma.

Ask away fellow Hopstochers.


Why do you like (the animal in your avater)????? And what is the most embarrassing thing in your life and do you a GF or BF :joy:


That is my pet Angel she is a Guinea pig and on New Years Eve I will have had her for one year so if anyone wants to make a projects for her you may. I really don't know and No I don't have a BF.


That they exist no but I my imagination they do so please don't start an argument here. Angel will be very sad because she loves mermaids.


Oh sorry. Deleted my post :grin: Another question: what's your favorite snack (or if you don't have one)


Can angel see this plz


No it is ok you didn't have to delete the post but to answer your question I love Chocolate Chip Cookies when my mom makes them. Oh and Can anyone answer this question. Am I allergic to find Shellfish, peanuts, or milk. You can guess all of them if you want to.


Ok ok she has and she loves it.


Anyone have any questions?


What got you into Hopscotch? And who's your favorite character in HP? Also, what's your favorite place and object in HP? (Mine's Luna or Regulus, Hogwarts, and time-turners.)


Hemione and I love the Invisibility Cloak. I started Hopstoch one day during school when I was looking for coding apps.


And who has the saddest death? It's Sirius for me, but it might change if Harry Potter becomes a good rereadable book (it isn't for me when


Everyone thinks Dumbledore is a saint (he has terrible flaws, and was once as bad as Voldemort but changed for the better)

and when characters flip to another side suddenly, i.e. James and Siri being bullies without much hint, and how Jo handles romance).
Who's your most inspirational Hopscotcher, to stay on topic?


Dobbins has the saddest deat h, even sadder in the movie. MamgaPop is my favorite hopstochers because he still has many of his older projects are still available to see.


do you mean Dobby? lol spell correct?


Yes I did and has anyone answered my questions.


You from Texas or Ohio? Those are the cowboy towns I can think of


Siri from Apple is in HP?!?!!??! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just a shortcut : ).


No but that was were my best friend had moved from.


Ok well because nobody wants to guess a will tell you the answers to at least the only question that I will now answer. I am allergic to peanuts. I used to be allergic to milk but I have grown put of that. Hansel and Brazilen nuts too. I have never had one so I am having to have a blood test done to see if I can out grow my allergy. Yay. Oh any more questions.