Blackcat’s VIC rocks



Hi! Do any of you do VIC rocks? Well, why don’t I make a general topic on it! Some how like our own VIC rocks page! We could post pics of rocks we find! Reply if you want to!


Here are the rocks I found today!


…your glowcumber aren’t you?


No. I’m Blackcat, or @Blackcat!
But never mind!


…but you must know glowcumber irl tho, right? :sweat_smile:


Yeah! I know her!


Do you mean just VIC rocks, or can it be any rocks you paint?


I’m GlowCumber!


…what are VIC rocks…?


Yeah! I paint those!


Yeah I get that but are they different from normal rocks?? Like what does VIC mean do you mean Victoria as in the state or


Any! As long as it has something to do with painting rocks!


I’ll explain later! SOS really busy


It’s painting rocks, then hiding them in parks. But they’re VIC rocks, so they’re only in VICTORIA


Sorry! Bad example! Here’s a clearer one!


Oh that’s really cool!! :0
So you’re in Australia too? Or a different Victoria


#Aussie at heart!
Yes, I’m in Australia


I do to! And I love it! (That’s probably why I made a general topic on it!)


I went with my sisters to the park down my street with my sisters!
We found four new rocks!
Here they are!

P.S~ If you find rocks take a pic and post it on my topic!