Black Screen on Hopscotch App


I know that's not what it's called but that's what it looked like.

it wouldn't go away and I had to quit the app several times before it would load again. cc @Liza


what's the little green dot on the top right? (blue screen of d-eath is a thing, black screen of d-eath is not, it's just a black screen, blue screen is worse, almost always


I kept getting the blue screen of on my phone and I had to get a new one @justanerd (it was free though, it was a trade in)

It may be a glitch with your iPad, as I have never experienced this. With @oio's case, it was a certain code that was causing problems. Is this a project, or is this caused when you open the app?


I have purposely caused both a black screen and a blue screen using hopscotch (:sunglasses:) and it seems to be caused only when it's handling waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much data at a time for me, could this be the case? (my black screen was pure black, no green dot, most likely different)


Green dot shows the battery?
Other info on top is invis because of screen being black?


Were you recording anything? Editing a Hopscotch vid in the editor provided in HS can cause black screens.