Black And White Art Club!


u know what happens when lyra is bored right
she starts a random story
OR a random art club
okay formal typing starts now y’all

I’ve never actually created an art group before. I abandoned the hopscotch app ages ago, but while I was still on there, I was definitely far more known as an artist then a coder, so it’s unusual that I’ve never created an art club. I’ve decided that I’m comfortable enough with my skill level to do so, and here we are.

This art club is unique in that it’s in Black and White only. You can do it on the hopscotch app, you can do it on paper, but it’s only in black and white whether you do it digitally or traditionally. I’ll be doing monthly challenges that you’ll have from one-two weeks to complete. There will be a theme, and you will have to adhere to that theme. It should be oretty vahue, but if the theme is “seasons” and you draw the hopscotch logo, you won’t even be considered.

DON’T send it to me on hopscotch if you draw it on the app, seeing as I’m very inactive there. Instead, reply to this topic with the artwork.

You have three strikes, but they are only applicable it you do not contact me. If you contact me saying that you can’t do it because of personal reasons or even if you just aren’t feeling up to it, I will not give you a strike. Let no one say I am not merciful. Three strikes and you’re out!

Other then challenges, we’ll share pieces of black-and-white art and critique each other.

I’ll be taking from 10-15 members.

Here’s the form.

Hopscotch username:

How often do you think you’ll be able to complete the challenges?:

What type of art do you specialize in? Human, landscape… etc:

And finally, some examples of your art:

Thank you for your time!



ey this sounds interesting!! how often are the challenges? ill see if i can join :))


about once (heh heh) a month. parents jobs + moving = insanity


ah dont worry 'bout it!! i think i’ll join.

hopscotch username: please just delete me?

how often the challenge completion: probably around every other month, maaaybe hopefully if homework doesnt take over my life every month.

kind of art: human, trying to get more in touch with poses and landscape art

art examples: (i dont really have many examples on this new computer, so, uh.)


i’m gonna wait until i get a bunch of submissions to reveal the list but you’re definitely in


HS Username: Dude73
Challenge time: whenever, I guess. Unless I lack sleep XD
Style: I can do anything, but I’m focusing on humans and perspective work right now.



woahaho dude(y). youve. holy hec you improved so much??? your shading’s fantastic!!


like i said w shive, i’m still waiting, but ur probs in c:


Holy wow thanks shiv :D

That means a lot, I’ve really been trying to improve. :DDD


whoa ty!

that smol hole is beautiful


Wow. That is just pure amazing!!!




Ahh thank dudes :D


Okay the first picture has some cringe eyes but now I draw my eyes like the ones in the second picture. Thank you for your consideration!

Edit: I also have this one and it is actually in black and white


Your art is really cool! Also, happy birthday!