Birthdays & Anniversarys Topic



I searched through all the topics, but I didn’t find one like this. I think that there should be a way to celebrate birthdays and anniversary’s. Here, you can plan birthday/anniversary collabs, make a birthday/anniversary project, or simply wish them a happy birthday/anniversary! Some birthdays are coming up, so let’s get down to business.


I think there already was a birthday topic but I’m not sure


Really? I searched birthday and birthday surprise but I couldn’t find one. Would you mind posting the link here? I’d be happy to merge or recycle!


Birthday topic…

Fails to mention the one former who’s birthday it was…

“It’s ok I’ll just celebrate alone” -Kayro 2018


Good idea! Nice topic!


Happy Birthday to Kayro! @Kayro, any requests for art or games?


ISBN’s birthday is coming up. What should we do to celebrate?
On another note, there are a LOT of people on the forum, and it’s hard to do something for everyone’s birthday. If you are going to feel upset if nothing happens, comment your birthday/anniversary and we will try to do something for you. I don’t want any one to be upset!


There was a topic like this lol


Yeah, I am positive there was a topic like this.
However, I am unsure if it died out or not.


Like others said, there is already a topic like this. It´s just a little active though.


thank you!!! I don’t really have a request at the moment so no requests


Yes but it says I don’t have access? It might be in the lounge.


Nope it’s in random stuff
I forgot that it was locked to members only (I think) last year.


I became a member like five minutes ago, so before I couldn’t see that topic. @hopscotch-curators, what should we do? Recycle, merge, or delete?


They can’t delete. Just recycle it.


Well, until we get this problem solved, anonymous’s birthday is coming up.
Any ideas? I made ISNBN some art, which I will post here in a second.


Well, if you want just post it here. There are too many duplicate topics anyway, and the other one has been dead for I think 2 months.


Happy Birthday @IShallNotBeNamed!