Birthday time! Yaaaaay!



Happy birthday hopscotch! Oh, boy! There has been alot of birthdays for EVERYONE so far and more to come! (including mine) any way, everyone has been doing a kinds of birthday stuff! Birthdayifying thier profile pictures and everything! BTW how do you like mine? @Dude73 i noticed you birthdayfied your pic too! And i saw @Fun_in_the_Sun changing profile pics for the occasion too! Everyone is doing something for this marvelous occasion!


I did mine on Paper 53!


Yep! I am so excited to party! :smile::tada:


Cool profile pic @GracefulIcing1!


Me too! One of my piano songs is happy birthday!


You guys made me want to change my profile picture. So Margi now has a hat


:grinning: cute!


Thanks! At first I didn't really want to, But you guys convinced me.


I just flat out changed my profile pic.

Cause today's a Lucina day.


What is that?


Lucina is from fire Emblem and is in smash brothers.


Say waaaa? How do you do it? It's so hard for me!
I had to use doodle buddy :stuck_out_tongue:


in my timezone it's the 17th, so underfell sans is no longer in the cake.


Well, it's very challenging for me to use it, but I try my best.