Birthday Spirit! Ask For your Profile Pic to be Birthday-fied



Get into the birthday spirit for HS by changing your profile pic like you did on DOS!
Their are many topics to change your Profile pic into a birthday themed one.
So try it!

Birthdayifying Profile Pics!

I changed mine to a birthday one, and I can birthdayify other profile pics too. :smile:


Can you try mine as well @Dude73


Sure! Give me 5 minutes. :D


@Wookie, here is your profile pic!
(You have a massive party hat, ice cream, and a hopscotch tattoo becuase why not)


I'm changing mine again!




wants ice cream now


I can make one!
Here's mine :3


Paper is a horrible app to make it xD


New one!

How do you turn it over?

@rawrbear you turned my picture over once, can you do it on this?


@Dude73 do mine!


Sure! :smile:


Aww man, your bisneuss is taking over mine!


Wanna merge topics? :D


@AwesomeWolf18, here it is! :smile:


Sure! We can become one bisneuss!


Ok give me some time
@Kiwicute2016 how can we merge topics or can you ?


Me? Sorry, I can move to a different topic. :flushed:


Can @Kiwicute2016 merge my topic into here?(@Dude73, don't stress we got it)


Can you give a link?