Birthday Project by Me!



I just made a game called "Happy B-Day Hopscotch!" You can decorate a cake and choose which way you want to sing "Happy Birthday To You!"
Here is the link:
how do you like it?

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Please reply saying what the glitches are and what I could improve on and what you vote.

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I saw it! I love the game, it is a lot of fun! :smile:


Huh? I don't get this joke.


That's really cool! I love it!


Hopscotches b-day is in the 16th!


It's great!

Although, it is a little difficult to see the options against the background. Maybe you could add a shape behind each text or something?
Hope this helps,


I'll do that in the next version! Thanks for the feedback!


No prob! Always happy to help!


Sorry, but I can't do it, the platform always goes to the front even when I use the send to back.