Birthday Game! Coming soon!



So I'm making this birthday game. It's more of a side project though. Anyway it's a game that you play by yourself or with other people like your family. So if its your birthday play this birthday game. Thats coming.


What is it going to be about?


A game with games in it that you play/can on your birthday or someone ele's or some other time.


@GiraffeProductions no offense, but you should probably fix the R.


Possibly make it darker? It looks great though!


I know about the color of the R. I was thinking about changing it.


When's it coming out @GiraffeProductions


Probably some time next week or the week after that.


i made a twister game before the account was hacked.
Mine didn't need a colored mat.
The arrow spun around a wheel and randomly stopped at a message.
like place your left foot behind a players right foot.
you lose if you fall over.
just an idea for you.


The games that I added a while back. Adding a lot of games.


I played these a while back.
very cool.
Can you think of making games a group of ppl can play.
You know a game where someone draws a pic and ppl have to guess what it is?
You could have the black shapes in the hopscotch app and a player drags them together to make a shadow of an object/animal and the group members have to guess what it is.


Yeah I'm going to add games more than one person can play.