Birthday Challenge!


My birthday is everyday muahahaha soon so I'm going to hold a challenge!

Try to impress me!

First place gets spam likes and a shoutout!
Runner-up (second place) gets spam likes!

The project is due on my birthday, October 19. I'm not going to look at the projects until then.


Can I be a judge

Wait never mind




I don't think so @Stradyvarious. It might hurt others feelings, and it's not good to flag things that don't need to be. Probably every project will be appropriate, so the leaders might get confused. It could lead to a giant mess!


I was joking. I knew @Mobcraft wouldn't take it seriously.


:joy::joy: That's good!


Oh goodness, I'll try but probably fail. XD

Happy early B-Day! :smile:


my bday is everyday lel


Oh yeah, OMTL


Otherwise known as the get people here tool


I've managed to crash my iPad 4 times
I don't even know what I'm doing. XD


I wil leave this one out !!


It doesn't have to be too too pretty
Just try to impress me as much as possible
It's due on the 19th


Can I impress you by failing really badly? XD


Depends on how good it is


Anyone else wanna join?


What sure ill join what is your HS username
EDIT: oh right and happy bday
(Sorry) off topic: @Intellection74 why did i get an alert for one of your random posts? Did you originally have a link to something i created there?


my birthday is everyday
My bday is 19th but thx
Anyways, my username is MobCraft.


Oh, I quoted one if your posts, but then I edited out. Sorry for the confusion! xD


Oh ok! :stuck_out_tongue:


Tehe I'm still doing this it's not dead yet
If you are the only one you will be praised
Just saying