On my account, Pastel Princess (don't ask), bird appeared on all of my art and projects. I unpublished it all. If you guys come across my account after I do art (I will do it after I have replys) please screenshot my account to see if it's bird or not. Thanks!!!!!!! :smile:


I'm pretty sure that happens when you don't have a strong internet connection. That's the only reason it has happened to me...
Hope this helps,


Yes, I have heard bird is a nightmare for artists! But I think she goes away after a little...
Someone should make a Wanted Poster for Bird..:D mdr

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@KVJ thank you, that was very helpful! My internet has been slow lately :frowning:
@codingCupcake123 lol yes that would be funny!


I was drawing once, and it happened when there was a glitch in my internet, just like @KVJ said. I know how much of a burden bird can be for artists, so if you think there's a glitch in your internet or your internet is two bars, I would suggest waiting a bit until your internet connection is stronger. I hope this helps.


Going to do a Wanted poster now!




LOL!!! That's hilarious!!

Bluedogmc's coding club! Challenges, help, and more!

I know! And I whipped it up in only 10 minutes!


There was this one glitch a long time ago though...


No Problem! Always here to help! Just @ me if you need to!