BIG, SUPER LGBT Drawing Pad!



I'm making this SUPER BIG drawing pad and it's really complicated to make if you've never made on like it before...
Here's a sneak peek of it WIP:


That looks really cool!

I can't wait till it's out!


Woohoo! It looks awesome @friendship2468! I can't wait to see and draw on it!


@robotpro @smishsmash here's the final touch: Viola!


I love it! I love how you can switch between the shades and the LGBTQ+ colors and I love it! Awesome pad @friendship2468


I don't even know how to draw on the old one this one will be interesting but I'm still excited


Please remember to add the LGBT tag.


Lol. XD what a troll with the LGBT tag you are


Nevermind I found how to


...? It's pretty easy to draw on a drawing pad...?


Yeah I found the heart your start out at zer I didn't know that


It's not meant to be a troll, it's the fact that I want to block out all LGBT stuff from my activity feed! :wink:


Still, you shouldn't swear in your profile... The pad is still open to everybody though! You can just forget that it had to do with LGBT!


Can you please read my bio one last time?


I love it!!!!! It's so cool! Did I mention I love it?


I'm not literally talking about it, you can still do art there! It just has (the name that Rawrbear doesn't like) words in it!


Thank you! I just got a remix saying woah.


The word "LGBT" by itself fills me with bad emotions. :confused:

Muting now.


I love it! Good work!


I'm sorry.