Big project I am working on!



I photo on my upcoming project!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh cool!

Nice design!


Looks pretty good so far!


Are you @TheOnionSWE’s alt?


It seems a lot like the pfp in HS. Looks really cool though!


That looks really good so far! Please tell us when you are done with the project.


Ummm, we are friends on Hopscotch and out of HS.


Okej, när är den klar? Den ser ju väldigt bra ut!
For everyone that didn’t understand that:
Okay, when is it ready? It looks good!


Oh ok. That’s why the similar usernames.


Cool! Looks great!
What’s the project about?


The Project is a computer with games and other things. (If you wondered why I now that: I’m a friend with OnioXer which means that I have seen him making this).


It’s like a computer with som games and other things