Big news: file size bug mitigated with new beta!


You can’t reference the properties of a specific clone, just find out more about the current object.

It’s actually a bit of an antipattern to reference properties of another object. We’re not going to take that ability away, but it’s something I regret building into the Hopscotch language. I wish we’d just stuck with self and added message passing similar to what they did with scratch.


It is kind of confusing that total clones includes the original object.

I agree, do you have a better name for this property though? I think the total number of this object type on screen is the thing you’d want, but open to a clearer label for it.

By using these new variables Valgo’s cloning method only needs one variable.
Certain things may need more, but for something like that they won’t.

cool, are you able to do faster gradient backgrounds now? We were considering a method wherein you could specify the number of clones to add (i.e. clone 10 times) but are holding off for now because of performance considerations. It’s a little too easy to crash the app completely with that.

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Hopefully soon! We want to make sure everything is working and we haven’t introduced any other bugs. Probably by early next week.


That’s cool.
I’m really excited for it.


I can’t seem do. find any way to do this…?
How do you do that?


Well, the x positive n you’d need an iPad variable or two to know what it is inside of another object.


Hi @CreationsOfaNoob. I asked about that as well, a few posts up. I was actually really “excited” to see that as not being able to reference traits/variables of a specific clone is one of the common limitations I run into in complex projects. But, unfortunately, Liza gave a bad example as awesomeonion said it doesn’t work that way.


We just released this update! Note that we’re using a phased release so you most likely will need to go to the App Store to manually update (even if you have auto-update on). Phased release is a more cautious approach, which is good when the release affects saving and uploading.

Let us know how it goes! Try cleaning up your old projects and see if they run faster. The most giant projects might require that you email us to get them cleaned.



Hi @Liza! the update helped a lot but there is this new bug or at least I think it is. The sounds don’t sorta work you do hear sound but it is the sound of a computer fan.
the video below shows how it sounds like:

oh yeah I forgot to mention that it’s not because of my settings my side switch is not on Mute:

(keep in mind this happens to all of my drafts D: )
please help if you can


Huh, that’s weird :thinking:


This update is really good. Some of my really laggy projects actually became less laggy.


Does this happen for any other apps?


hmmm lemme check…


yah…just hopscotch (but the only sounds on hopscotch that still do work is the like,home,publish,or anything that can make a “click” sound)


Really happy to hear this :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


This is odd! Sound is working on my end. Try deleting and reinstalling the app.

Is anyone else having this problem?


I think I might be.

I haven’t tested it, but in the web player I got it.

I’ll test it.

I’m not.


hrmmm let’s see what happens…sorry for the late reply


yay! This fixed it all up my sounds work again!


I don’t really like, in the new update, that when you’re on someone’s profile and tap on a project, and then go out from it, you get back to the “home screen”.