Big news: file size bug mitigated with new beta!

When I download the app testflight, what next?


You have to send an email to THT and ask for an invite :wink:


Thanks for testing all this! We will do some testing of our own on the
jigsaw project.

And the cleanup happens client-side. Though obviously that’s a bug if you
get the email Hopscotch message when your wifi is off.


Ah, this bug is really scary. We fixed this for “when” blocks there must be a bug that prevents the fix from applying to other containers (check once if and repeat). It’s tricky to figure out how this behavior should work, becuase you might want to change a container to a totally different block, but if you’re changing from one container to another, the code inside should not be deleted.

Thanks for flagging.


Ok, that makes more sense. Unfortunately it’s definitely not cleaning & the file size seems to be growing faster than it did before. This morning the Jigsaw v1.1 project was 1.6 MB. I didn’t work on it much at all today, but now it’s already back up to 7.7 MB. I’m running through my cleaning program now for the 2nd time today…

Which keys in the json data should be cleaned up by the app?

Just to confirm, after exiting the project, the cleaning process should run automatically? Without having to tap the green cloud in the upper right corner of the GUI?


It’s a confusing experience: the program will run in the background as long as the green icon is there. But, if you tap the icon and open the project, it will stop. You have to leave it alone while it runs.

Maybe we shouldn’t show you the cloud because it looks like something you should tap.


Ok. Good clarification, thank you. I might suggest using 2 different icons. The current ‘green cloud with the up arrow’ when the project just isn’t sync’d to the server (e.g. when wifi is off) and a ‘green cloud with a lightning bolt’ (or whatever’s deemed appropriate) to display when the app is running the cleaning process. And maybe disable the button, so clicking it doesn’t kill the cleaning process.

Additional question. What happens to the cleaning process if the app is minimized or the device times out and turns off? I tried leaving the jigsaw project alone after exiting, and came back to it a couple hours later, but it still had the green cloud icon.


For really big projects, which includes Jigsaw, we’ll have to run the program on our end. You should get a notification if the cleaning process takes longer than 5 minutes. If you email us, we’ll clean up the project. Fortunately, there are not very many projects that fit into this category.

Projects created here on out will not have this problem, so it’s mostly a temporary fix.

And yes, we should change the icon! Thinking about this now.


Oh, I see.

I suppose the issue is that the app isn’t giving this notice then.

Edit: And, of course, that the file size inflation is still occurring very quickly. I’m guessing I misunderstood. I’m assuming, now, that the changes in the Beta editor that keep a project from inflating only apply to new projects? You did say “Projects created after you update should be significantly less laggy. YAY! (They will not grow in size to the same degree that projects created before the update did).” However originally, in my mind, that didn’t preclude the editor changes from also applying to old projects.


@Liza @AwesomeOnion @Rodrigo @Nina @t1_hopscotch

Confirming that project copying has a bug in the beta. I mentioned above about a older project being copied and yielding a blank project / black editor screen. This happens to new projects created with the Beta version as well…


After I copied my project using the new beta, it started getting a lot of Womp! errors and blank screens. I went back to an older version and the errors persisted. Do you think this is caused by this bug?


Doesn’t really sound like it. But I am surprised that you can copy a project. I can’t copy projects at all with the Beta.

Once, the Beta glitched out on me and the draft I was working on wouldn’t play. I exited the draft, restarted Hopscotch, and it was then fine. Maybe try restarting?


Yeah there’s a problem with duplicating drafts in the new beta. Thank you for mentioning — THT has found the cause for it so far, after the report of the project going blank.

And yeah that’s correct. for older projects, the cleanup script should clean them.


@Liza, I found another serious bug.

When duplicating a project, it creates a copy that has a name and a thumbnail, but when I open the copy, the screen is completely black. I think it’s the same symptoms as Thinbuffalo described.

These blank drafts have two weird behaviours:

  • When you try to add an object, Hopscotch crashes. If you open HS again and try to open the draft again, the app crashes instantly.

  • If you enter the draft and exit again, it will dissappear. However, if you restart the app (doubleclick home and swipe up) it will be there again.

Have you updated the beta or anything? I’ve copied projects before with this exact beta and it didn’t behave weirdly.

Just realized this was already reported


Thanks, guys! We fixed the duplicating bug and are working on a new build that should be ready by the end of the week. It will addresss this bug, as well as make it more obvious that a project is being cleaned (and therefore to leave it alone). I’ll let you guys know when it’s up!

Thanks again for the feedback and bug reports—it’s super helpful.


Quick thought: I don’t know when this started happening, but if you click a project while on someone’s profile, you will be brought back to the category (featured etc and notifications) you were last on. I liked it better how it was before, you get brought back to the profile you were on.


Hey all,

Thanks, all, for your feedback and bug reports on this beta! With this updated version, we’ve made a few changes:

  • We fixed the bug with duplicating drafts (phew!)
  • We changed the way a project looks while it’s being cleaned
  • We cleaned up some code that was causing huge lag (event parameters, like “when heart is tapped”, were being duplicated at a rate of XX)
  • We added clone index, total clones, and total objects. When you clone an object, each clone will get a new index. The original object has index of 1, each clone will increase its index by 1 from the clone before it. So the second clone will have index 2, the third will have index 3, etc. You can then use this parameter to say “when clone index = 2…” or “set position to clone index 2’s x position”. Total clones tracks how many clones of a specific object are on the screen, and total objects tracks how many objects are on the screen. We added this in response to seeing your crazy hacks to attempting to work with information about specific clones. Hopefully this makes things easier :slight_smile:

Try out this beta! We’d love your help testing a few things in particular:

  • Open and close an old project. Do you see the cleaning message? Does it make sense? When it’s done cleaning (or syncing, according to the message, does the project feel less laggy? Old projects, after being cleaned, should not grow at the same rate as they used to. If you see the cleaning message again, it should only be there for a short time.
  • Try creating a new project from scratch. Use a lot of “whens” with object parameters. Open and close the project. How does it feel?
  • Try duplicating big projects. Does this work?
  • Try using clone index, total clone, and total object. What do you think? This makes it easier to quickly generate clones.

Let us know what you think, and thanks again!


It looks really cool.
When do you plan to release it on App Store?


Ok. So far I’m enjoying the clone index and total clone variables. Using them, I made this:
Into this.

By using these new variables Valgo’s cloning method only needs one variable.
Certain things may need more, but for something like that they won’t.

It is kind of confusing that total clones includes the original object.


The native Clone Index will be great for users just learning about clones.

Though I don’t see how you reference the properties of a specific clone?

It looks like you can still only reference self properties and properties of the original objects?

Being able to reference the properties of a specific clone via an Index variable would be fantastic though. Something like this:

Set Position to x (object(index)) X Position) y (object(index) Y Position),
where Index is any variable but the value determines which clone is referenced