Big news: file size bug mitigated with new beta!

Hi guys,

I’m really excited to share that we just shipped a beta that includes a partial fix for the file size bug! Download the new build on Testflight, and then give it a try:

  1. Reduce the size of existing drafts and reduce lag: open the project in the updated version of Hopscotch and then close the project. The green cloud icon should appear in the upper right corner; this means that the project is being cleaned as we sync it to the server. Don’t open it again until the cloud icon is gone. Depending on the size of the project, this could be very fast. You can do other things on Hopscotch in this time. When the cloud icon is gone, try opening it. The project should not be nearly as laggy.

If your project is really, really large, you might get a notification to email us about it. We will run it through our program to clean it up and then send it back to you.

  1. Projects created after you update should be significantly less laggy. YAY! (They will not grow in size to the same degree that projects created before the update did).

This update also includes a cool new feature that lets you resize the video player — pinch to expand the video — as well as fixes for pesky rotation bugs.

Let us know how this works for you! We’re grateful for everyone’s help and patience as we get this fixed, especially @ThinBuffalo, @MR.GAM3R, @t1_hopscotch, and @Nina !


Yay! Now we will finally get quick projects!


There are still some things causing lags that we have yet to fix, but we’re coming for them! And in the meantime this should make a meaningful difference :slight_smile:


Okay finally! This is great, no more editor lag!


Thanks @Liza, this sounds amazing! I will check it out later today, and let you know how it goes :)


We’ve been working off Hoop 3 as our test for whether our solution was effectively cutting down project size :slight_smile: Thanks for flagging this project!


Awesome! I ran out of likes though so I can’t like this nooo ;-;


Cool! :D

Maybe now the projects will load faster on my phone :0



I have a lot of mouths cuz I’m excited :DDDDDDDDDD


Frankly this sounds fantastic! :smiley:
This will be really helpful!


That’s great @Liza!
Unfortunately I can’t download TestFlight. Is there any other way for me to test it out?


The project I’m working on right now is too large to the app to fix, I will use my own program to reduce the size of it for now. I will find another project to test the clean up in the app. Also, I will see if my reduced file gets any larger with this new update.


Unfortunately, I don’t think so. You will have to wait for the final release.


Ya, I think I’ll just stick to testing out the real HS and see what happens :D


That’s really relieving. I have to send some drafts to you, though, they’re too big :stuck_out_tongue:


Bug report:

Apparently, if you have a lot of code inside a check once block, and then select the check block and accidentally tap a new block, the check once block is replaced. And this is apparently not counted as a delete, meaning you can’t shake the iPad to restore the lost code.

There seems to be no special circumstances involved and I could easily recreate the bug:

Tap the check once block:Tap a new block (any type worked):And the check once block is replaced:

After more research, this proves to work when replacing any block with any other block. I’m using an iPad Pro and the latest beta. This also works on my phone which has the latest public update.



When I leave this is fixed…


This is really good @Liza! I run two Hopscotch versions on two different devices, the last version and the version from spring 2016 (before the editor was updated). The old version runs smoothly, but the newer one has had some big issues with creating drafts and loading other people’s projects. Recently, it has started to work a little bit more, and I hope that HS will run more smoothly after this update releases to the App Store! I really want to thank you, THT for fixing all the bugs and the community for being nice, friendly and patient with these bugs! Without great bug reports by the community, it would probably have been more difficult to locate, replicate and fix bugs!


That’s been there for a while. It is terrifying.


Hi @Liza, @Rodrigo, @Nina, @AwesomeOnion, @t1_hopscotch

It’s awesome that THT has been working on a fix for this!

I’ve downloaded the new Beta to test & decided to test it on my Jigsaw Puzzle project that was the original project where I discovered this issue. I’ve had to clean various versions of this project probably 8 or 9 times. The current draft version is v1.1 and as a baseline was 4.664 MB (so in need of cleaning again).

  • I opened it in the beta version and closed it. Nothing happened.

So I thought, maybe you need to change the project before the new process works?

  • I added an object (copied one of the existing objects) and closed it. This time the green cloud did appear. So then I downloaded the app’s json_projects folder to check the project’s new size. Unfortunately, now it’s 6.135 MB, so it got bigger :frowning:


I made a copy of the project. It was 3 KB, which was suspiciously small. When played, here’s what you get:

When I exited the project, it was deleted from my drafts.

However, I’d saved a copy of my json_projects before entering the project. So I could go back and look at the project contents. The stage height & width were 0, hence the all black stage. Also project was essentially blank.

Update 2

@Liza, here’s what I see when exiting a project:

Based on your original post, I assume no action is required after exiting a draft?

Reduce the size of existing drafts and reduce lag: open the project in the updated version of Hopscotch and then close the project. The green cloud icon should appear in the upper right corner; this means that the project is being cleaned as we sync it to the server. Don’t open it again until the cloud icon is gone.

But the green cloud icon stays until I press the cloud in the upper right-hand corner of the GUI

Update 3

I intentionally turned off wifi, and a very small test project gave the message to email THT. I don’t think that’s what you want, as you’re likely to get numerous emails from Hops asking you to fix their project when the real issue is their wifi connection.

Update 4

The server side cleaning doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I ran Jigsaw v1.1 (beta) through my program again to fix it and proceeded to continue working on the project. I’ve exited multiple times and let the automatic cleaning do what ever it does. However, I just checked and the file size is now back up to 7.272 MB

I’m going to run it through my program again, but will save a copy of the current file if you need it for troubleshooting. Unfortunately, my program only cleans eventParameters and traits which are the keys which are the 2 biggest offenders. However, I think rules & abilities might now also need to be cleaned.

Current project stats

  • traits: 2252
  • rules: 405
  • eventParameters: 13367
  • abilities: 568

FWIW, after I cleaned the project, the traits reduced to 518 and the eventParameters reduced to 46. The file size is still 1.6 MB so I’m sure there’s still opportunity for additional clean up.