Big List of Bugs

There are loads of bugs on Hopscotch at the moment, so here is a list of all of them!
It’s on global edit, so please add more to this!

White loading screen The white circle of doom. We’ve all seen it, and I’ve lost lots of drafts because of this.
Whomp :no_mouth: Whomp, something went wrong. I had a simple project with quite a few objects in. I got this message loads of times.
Dodgey Keyboard The numbers spread out, they change order and this gets annoying!
Bad request Whenever I try to like a project, I get a message saying Sad Face 400 Bad request. What is this?
Time Bug The wait block is wrong. At the start it’s ok, but after I while I have to quadruple!
Corner When you put an object in the corner and then try to move it, you can move every object around, completely messing up a game!
Change pose When you put change pose in a loop, the character starts blinking.
Hold Up When I tried to publish my named project, I was told that it wasn’t named…
Emojis When you add a girl running emoji, you get this: :running_woman:
Returning to Hopscotch You get a blank screen and a “womp” box when you do so.
Last Touch Jitter see post #6 below
###Please put these in the same order of the bugs!

  • White loading screen:

  • Whomp, something went wrong

  • Hold up:

iPad Mini 4.4
iPad 4th gen


First reply!
R u working on this?

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And @asha and @Meg. Will these be fixed soon?

That happens to me too sometimes! :0

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Does anyone one else find that ‘Set Position (Last Touch X) (Last Touch Y)’ doesn’t follow smoothly at the beginning of a quick swipe?

Set a drawing pad trail width to 1 & make a quick stroke to see what I mean.


Could you add that? It's happened to me when I was making a mirror draw!

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The top two you just must wait.

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Not RIGHT NOW, since it's weekend and nobody has their Hopscotch computer with them :slight_smile: .


Those bugs happen to me too! I hope they get fixed.

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Oh right! Sorry,Rodrigo...

I kept thinking that yesterday was Monday XD


@Liza, @Meg, @Asha, @Thomas, @Rodrigo and @Montoya, are you trying to fix these bugs, as there is quite a few!

Yes, we are going to look at these bugs this week!


Do you have an example project that suffers from this time bug?


I can't get it to happen again, as it was a complex project and I edited it to exclude the block. Sorry!


That isn't a bug. Just set the what block longer.

Hey, we just posted a new update that should have fixed some of these bugs, specifically the whomp message, the change pose issue, and the time bug. The circle of doom we fixed for most cases and are still working on.

Let us know if these problems are still around.

Happy coding.


Hello @thomas
Was a fix for the "Last Touch Jitter" bug included in the update?

As always, the efforts of THT for continuous improvement are appreciated.

Edit: Bump. @thomas? I'd just test but I haven't seen the new update come out in the App Store yet.