Big hopscotch forum birthday celebration



Hey guyz to celebrate the upcoming hopscotch birthday I'm doing a big drawing for hopscotch and all I ask of you guys is that if u wish to be on the big picture just briefly tell me what u look like or what u want to look like anyone can be I it just describe ur self in a reply and ur in
The picture will be revealed on hopscotches bday so hurry up and tell me lovely people
By the way I am doing this particular drawing by my self no one else can do it with and please no copying my idea




@PandaBlossom @BB-Box u interested I'll do two at a time for now


Anyone? Plez no one I must cry


I'm peached colored skin.
Brown Hair going to shoulders and curling up at the bottom.
Hazel eyes.
Tan shorts with pockets, jean-like material but much lighter in weight. (Thin material.)
Tealish-Bluish tee shirt.
Very Simple Overall


Me plz

Just put my oc

If you have g+ Or insta I can send u a pic of my oc

If not

She is a tan dog with pointy ears and short red curly hair


Thanks I'll try I need to get insta tho lol


What do you mean Hopscotch's birthday? Hopscotch turned 3 April 16th. :D


Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Hopscotch!



Someone said the forums bday was comin up


Oh! I thought you meant Hopscotch, not the forum. Never mind. :D


Happy bday hopscotch forum!

Can I be in?

Ok, I'm a girl with longish dark brown hair, with a red streak. Slightly messy, but not really. I have brown eyes, and tan skin.
I have a dark pink t-shirt on and black shorts.


O course everyone can


I have brown hair, and grey eyes. My hair is honey colored, wavy, and down to my waist. I wear harry potter robes that have the hopscotch symbol instead of a house. I have light skin. This is a great idea! c:


What I look like:
Fair skin
Waist-length jet black hair
Brownish-black eyes
Hair done in a fishtail braid and tied with a green ribbon at the start of the braid
Light green shirt that says Lucy is Awesome in fancy letters
Mantis green skirt
Black tights
Black shoes

Here you go!:wink:


What's ur user????????


@Jess888 great idea!

Skin: Pale tanned

Eyes: Really dark brown

Hair: Brondeish

Hair style: Mainly straight with a few gentle curls. Three quarters of the way down my back

Clothes: Black leggings with a red and white striped sleepless top

This sounds like it will be great!


Artsywaffles8 ok .....


I followed you!!!
Do you want me to sent you my oc?? Or do you think you got it??


I just changed the title to make it less confusing :wink:


Thanks lol I forgot to change it