Big Hopscotch Competition - 'Woah' themed!



Hi hops!

We are 6 months away from the annual summer competition so I was thinking that since there isn’t anything big going on in hopscotch I with the help of others could host a competition :wink:


The concept you can code around is the word
Anything related to woah - a trail art that leaves you saying ‘woah’ or a a game ect.


  • Since nothing big is going on in hopscotch at the moment I thought of hosting a competition
  • I would like to bring out the full potential of all hops interested


  • No entry sheet! Just post a link to your project on this topic when you’re ready.
  • Projects entered cannot already be published
  • If you’re currently making a big game there’s no harm on just entering it here
  • Current Judges & Hosts are
  • Anyone is allowed to enter, and any project that leaves us with a ‘woah!’ Is allowed - even basic backgrounds!


/10 Conceptual Account (follows the concept well)
/10 Presentation & Cleansiness
/5 Code
/2.5 Lag
/2.5 Originality

/20 total


Let me know of a due date that is appropriate, I’m thinking of the 20th of February.


1st Place:

  • Nomination for Game Changer & Featured on that project
  • A nomination for rising on a different project
  • Forum Spam likes
  • Customised Profile pic
  • Follows on Hopscotch
  • Likes on hopscotch
  • A project dedicated to you
  • Shotout in my bio

2nd Place:

  • Nomination for Featured on that project
  • Nomination for rising on a different project
  • Forum spam likes
  • Customised Profile pic
  • Likes on hopscotch
  • Shoutout opinion my bio

3rd Place:

  • Depending on the quality of the project, a nomination for featured or rising
  • Nomination for rising on a different project
  • Forum Spam likes
  • Customised Profile pic
  • Likes on hopscotch

No entry form, just post a link to your project whenever you want!
Quick and easy!

@SmileyAlyssa, @Madi_Hopscotch_ if the winners are really good do you mind featuring them?

Coan's General Topic! :D
Conquistador and Huitzilopochtli
ScotchTape's GT II 😑 (Officially the blandest General Topic)

Hm, good idea. I’ll probably enter.

And first


Hi @BlastFusion
I really want to enter this project:


What does it mean by WOAH themed? Oh right. I can’t join. OR CAN I?



It is already published


Hmm @BlastFusion it seems that your the owner of this


I made you judge because that’s what you requested… would you rather enter instead of judge?
Anyways woah means, when you play the project you’ll be like ‘woah!’


Ooh I get it. Well is it ok if I’m both?


Awww… I really wanted to. You’re so mean.


Blast your yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes of course! As long as you don’t judge your own project :joy:


I’m not sorry? Lol…


Talking to myself… just giving a demo


:stuck_out_tongue: is it ok if I tag SmileyAlyssa and madi


Yeah sure!
It would be awesome if t1 could give titles but she’s gone so that’s unfortunate…


Wait edit the post and put their tags below OTML


Sounds great


This sounds really fun, I’ll probably enter the competition!


Sounds cool :D I’ll most likely enter! (^-^)


I’m entering! I won’t judge my project and let meh win