Big game= needs lots of help



Hey guys, so I've been recently working on a BIG project. That project is huge, and I've been making it since September 2015. (When I started Hopscotch). But, this game is so big, I might not finish it until 2018! But, thats what I'm worried about. This game is huge. But what if it has too much lines of code? Is there a limit? I also saw at the top of the forum screen, that some people might be losing their work. :scream: Is there anything I should be aware of when making this game?


There is no limit to lines of code, however if you have a bunch of stuff going on at once, stuff might start to lag. But I wouldn't be worried about that unless you have a ton of clones all doing really complicated stuff.

Could you describe a bit more about this game to me? I'm interested :smiley:


Well, its like you choose your character and you can control the character to go around this land. Later, I will put in stuff like tasks, and all sorts of stuff where you can do things like talk to other characters.... does this make any sense? I hope it does when I actually publish the game... here are some screenshots.

Anywho, Im glad that there are no limits. That would make a huge affect to the game. Thanks!


Anything else I need to be aware of?


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Ok. I did not read the rest of that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I lose code when I don't even have music. c:

I think you lose code when you work without good internet. D:


This really seems like a big game. This looks like the games that real studios make!


One thing you can do to be on the safe side about losing work, is to backup your project sometimes. To do that (at least this is how I do that), upload your project, save as draft and then unpublish. Now you have a copy of your project :D


Like @BuildASnowman said, don't have to much things going on at once. And don't use a "Grow By" block with a higher value than 999. If you do so, the game will crash.


By upload do you mean publish?
@William04GamerA, Thanks for telling me about the grow block. I did not know that it cant be more than 999.


It should work out. I have pretty good internet connection.... mostly. Though sometimes the Internet goes down. :frowning: