Big collab! •Sign ups


Hey everyone! So today I decided to have in Big collab account on HS! Just fill out the form below and you might get in!


Do you actally do collabs?:
Will you be nice to the others?:
Will you be CRAZY?XD:
HS username:
How much are you on the forum and HS?:

No one (yet)


So does anyone want to?




This looks like fun, but I'm working on finding a coding partner at the moment, so I'll have to pass for now. Sorry, I might consider this in a couple days.


I can't (leaving). So sorry! Maybe next year...


Sorry, but collabs aren't my thing. Maybe try posting the OMTL?


@KayKat Can you? I can't copy for some reason


Sorry I gtg maybe later. Normally my copy doesn't work to well on the omtl either though. :confused:


Read the how to. It must be in the first post. Check my topics to get the topic. (Man, I'm so helpful.)