Big bug with destroy block

Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: Yusamac205 :man_technologist:t4:

What kind of device are you using?: iPad Pro 11 2018

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing destroying and remaking clone and then the clone index kept going up

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Create a clone
  2. Destroy a clone
  3. Create a clone again

I expected this to happen:
Clone index would reset and there would be no trace of the destroyed clone

But instead this happened:
Clone index kept counting up even though the clone was destroyed

Here’s a sweet screenshot:


Does the same thing happen when you use total clones?


Nope, this is what makes the bug annoying. My recents projects rely heavily on clone index and total clones being synced.


Think that’s intended, if im interpreting this correctly?


How big might the project be ?


If I had to guess, very big. It’s Yusa; he’ll find a way to make it pretty complex. Lots of variables


Clone index simply means the clone # that was created from the object.

This is also why your project may drop in performance or stop working completely when switching scenes (advanced mode). An easy way to fix the first problem is to disable the cloning process for that particular scene via variables.

So even if you destroy the first clone and clone the object again, it will still be the second clone of the object.


Ok, that makes sense. The index order doesn’t change even if a clone is destroyed because it’s calculating the amount of clones the original object created instead of being relative to each individual clone.


I think this is intended. If I’m understanding this correctly, you destroyed the clone, instead of just setting it to 0. This should mean that the clone can’t be brought back again because it was destroyed. Making the clone you created after destroying the first clone the second clone. Basically the clone you created most recently in this bug report is the second clone, rather than the first.


Yes when I do projects with a bunch of variables it takes a in a whole lot of bugs



I stumbled against this bug, and I would appreciate a fix!

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Yeah, but sadly I think that THT doesn’t consider it a bug…


i think it’s a good idea to always keep the clone index the same value, cuz it will be very confusing for the creator if they’re using a lot of clones, but some of them has to be destroyed while the game is playing

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yeah, and the reason is because say you create 3 clones, but only destroy one of them. It would be much harder for THT, and for you, to have to work an algorithm to deal with that properly instead of having a new clone index at the end. If you are looking to destroy all at once in all circumstances, you may be interested in this concept.

Edit: didn’t see the bump, but I’ve never responded to this topic either – hope that helps.


Yeah, that’s what I use for my restaurant project.