Big and tiny project! Remake of Pixel G.un 3D!


I really wanna do this btw…
I WANNA RECREATE PIXEL G.UN IN HOPSCOTCH. I’m planning to do it with somebody. I’ll need help.
For example some joystick code. G.un code. That stuff!

Please vote below

  • I’ll help with joystick/movement controls!
  • I’ll help with the g.un and player.
  • I’ll help with AI!
  • I don’t wanna help. But thanks for the offer

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If you’re interested. But don’t know what the game is. I recommend you play it first.


why tho


Hey SunkM. I am ready to make it. I assume pixel g.un is like fortnite or something. Do you want the characters to be pixel,or emojis?


It’s like shooter games. But in pixels. Also I, doing it with emojis! But idk if we could do it with actual pixels.


I think that I’ve seen that game before. This sounds pretty hard, but I cannot wait to see your progress!


We need to put this in stages!


Also you’re right. This will be hard. But I’m gonna try to finish it!


@Aariv. Can you make a joystick, and show me the code?


Yes,let’s see. There is a tutorial in YouTube,let me find it.


Here it is!


Thank you for the tutorial! This will be very helpful.