Bible Study Contest



I'm doing I Bible study contest on Hopscotch because it is about an important Bible verse so I hope everyone will do it. The prizes are draw pads, likes, follows, backgrounds, logos, and more!

The contest is (not anymore) the second project on my page on Hopscotch


I would join, but my family isn't religious... Sorry! Great idea though!


I will join!!!!!!!! I am trying to be more religious.


Hai @QueenShaeShae your still on!!


So your not leaving @QueenShaeShae??


Hey I'll join. I'm Jewish and I study תורה at school.


My family is Christian so I would LOVE to join!! When does it start??


OMG YASSS I'm Christian does it matter religion? OMG YOU JOINED HOPSOTCH AHHHHHHHH (I'm Smiling Sunshinw btw) O(≧∇≦)O


Well I am trying to squeeze in a little bit of time of hopscotch on my sched. No promises.


Starts now and ends on the 20th :slight_smile:


I would love to join!


So what? My mom always tells me that I can believe whatever I want to believe, and you're definitely allowed to be as religious as you'd like :slight_smile:


Could I help make the prizes? I'd LOVE to help :smile:


Yes I would love the help :grinning: Thanks!


Yeah, no problem! :smile:


Can I join? The bible, is like, THE BEST BOOK EVAA! XD


Hoi contests!:grinning:


I don't want to be religious. My parents say that too. They say that if I believe something, they will too.


Just asking, is this allowed?


Yes anyone can join, the contest is on my profile on Hopscotch :grinning::+1: